Space of a Day was formed in 2017 by

guitarist/producer Ben Trexel and singer/lyricist Autumn Yatabe.  Although the two have known each other since high school, they only began playing and composing together in 2017.  Trexel has had a varied career as a guitarist and producer.  Autumn comes from a family of singers whose roots were born in Southern Appalachia.  She has also had a career as a scientist and instructor.   They both attended Alabama School of Fine Arts which has produced some of the most famous writers, dancers, musicians, and actresses of our generation. 

Autumn Yatabe: Vocals, Lyrics

Ben Trexel: Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Coyle: Drums

Keith Shannon: Guitar

For more on Ben Trexel's production and writing credits visit www.bentrexelmusic.com


Management & Booking

2610 Aberdeen Road

Birmingham, AL 35223


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